Thomas Scamardo

MSISP Testimonial

Cyber Mission Specialist-Booz Allen Hamilton

As a Cyber Mission Specialist for Booz Allen Hamilton, I work with the federal government on their CDM (Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation) Identity & Access Management solution through tools like Sailpoint and CyberArk.

The MSISP program prepared me for the multifaceted nature of cybersecurity. There are so many working parts and machination, especially at the federal level, that require a well-rounded skill set that the program provides. The program cultivates a military/government student base that is particularly favored by the federal government and contractors; and is something my employers were very interested in when describing the program. They also appreciated the numerous legal and regulatory courses the program provides, as these issues are very high visibility and require a large amount of attention to detail, something the program has prepared me well for.