Tuition Bills and Payments

Tuition Bills and Paying Your Tuition

MSISP is considered an Option III program and Option III programs have a different tuition structure than regular degree programs at the University. Students in Option III programs should check with the program administrator for tuition rate information. 

You will receive a tuition bill via your official UT email address at least one month prior to the tuition payment deadline. No paper bills will be mailed, so it is imperative that you keep your email updated with the MSISP program. According to university policy, email messages are considered delivered to you even if they are returned to the university because of either a full inbox or use of a spam filter. You are responsible for timely payment of your tuition bill whether or not your tuition bill is successfully received.

Payment Deadline
Payment is due before 5 p.m. of the day of the listed deadline, or your registration will be canceled.

What I Owe

Paying Your Tuition

Payment Deadlines

Financial Aid

How Financial Aid Affects Your Tuition Bill
Financial aid funds will be released on a rolling basis about a week before the first day of class each semester.

Make sure you keep your enrollment information up to date and take care of outstanding requirements on CASH (Check Aid Status Here) so that you confirm your tuition will be paid on time with your financial aid.

On My Tuition Bill, click View Bill, then if your financial aid fully covers your tuition, click Pay with Financial Aid. Your classes are secured once you indicate you are paying with financial aid.

Your tuition bill will show a balance due until your financial aid funds are released after the tuition deadline.

Veteran Education Benefits
Veteran Education benefits are meant to help offset the expenses involved in pursuing your education. These benefits may help cover the cost of tuition, books, and housing. As part of the Office of the Registrar, the Veteran Certification Team is available to help veterans and their dependents understand and apply for Veteran Education Benefits.